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Kyle Vanditmars wrote:
> So I've added my plan to start an advocacy campaign at school to the
> wiki ( but I
> have a question.
> If/when I'm able to get ahold of some Ubuntu CDs, and set up a little
> "giveaway" area, I'm wondering if it would be "okay" to include
> something like the OpenCD in the same place.  The browser thing that
> pops up when you pop an Ubuntu CD into a running Windows system is a
> little light on content, and I think it would be particularly good to
> introduce people to and the other "heavyweight" FOSS
> programs even if they perhaps aren't ready/willing to install Ubuntu
> yet.  The argument's been made many times that getting people accustomed
> to the applications will make the switch that much easier.
> My only concern is that the costs would probably be prohibitive to get
> "professional" looking copies of the CD (they're $1.75 each from
>,) and while I'm not averse to burning a 50-cd
> spindle myself, people might be averse to taking one with some of my
> scrawl across the front.
> Thoughts? Suggestions?
Good presentation helps.  I've found that a nice stand (available on
the DIY wiki for Ubuntu), and an explanation letter printed and on the
table next to it will convince most folks it's for real.
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