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Andrew Hunter andy.hunter at rogers.com
Tue Dec 12 18:04:13 UTC 2006

> Why? The entire larger Ubuntu project runs in an entirely transparent
> manner, with (deliberately!) no closed/invite-only mailing
> lists/forums/etc. (with some exceptions for strictly security-related
> items). I'd hope one fairly small locoteam can manage the same thing.

Not entirely true. They closed the ubuntu-devel to non-dev mail (but I 
understand the reasons). 

> As was mentioned during the IRC meeting, we're also strongly opposed to
> duplication of existing efforts - and adding a forum to a group that
> already has a perfectly fuctional mailing list would be classic avoidable
> duplication.
> Thanks again for getting those URLs for us,
> Brian
> (Madpilot on IRC)

"First, God created idiots. But that was just for practise, then he made 
school boards."
   -Mark Twain 
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