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C. Martens c.martens at rogers.com
Sun Dec 10 17:32:40 UTC 2006

I, too, think David's idea is awesome! How soon could we/you/others do this? (I wish I could, but my spinal injuries make physical standing/walking/ carrying-a-laptop difficult; I'm backroom-organizational-able). The holiday season is a big selling time for pc's , and if it's done with humor it puts everyone in a happy/buying mood. Deck out big tux with seasonal accessories? a broom, hat, etc...Frosty the Snowman or elf hat maybe? A giftbox labelled "Freedom" at his feet?
I wanted to tell you
about a promotional idea; demo days.
several retailer, in the College & Spadina zone, have become more linux
friendly. I propose that we arrange, with selected retailers, days where we
schedule "ubuntu demo days", descend on a shop with a case of ubuntu, a
trained demo rep, a fully tricked out laptop, and plunk Big Tux outside. for
that day, the linux curious computer shopper (of which there are countless)
can get a CD, see ubuntu in action and have all their questions answered,
while the retailer enjoys the excitement.
I feel this simple program will have HUGE impact, and be easy to do.
thoughts ?

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