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Well i've used Bit Torrent many times and what happens with me is that when
i close it and then open the .torrent file again it gives me a msg saying
"do u want to continue from where u left off" kinda thing, so i say
yes....and then it scans the file till it reaches the point where it left
off and then continues downloading it, i downloaded huge 4 GB files with it
and never got a problem, maybe it's not the Bit Torrent that is making the
problem it might be ur connection or the torrent ur downloading from did you
try any other file??
hope this helps although it's not a solution!

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> I once tried to use Bit Torrent in d/líng Xubuntu 6.10 file, interrupted
> the d/l process, and continued the following day, carrying on from where
> it left off, but had trouble in recovering the completed file from the
> torrent (I ended up wasting a whole night d/líng the file the hard way,
> by making sure the computer did not shut down in the middle of
> transmission. Has any one used this protocol successfully, and if so,
> how is it done, and the method of extraction used?
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