Ubuntu-Toronto site, Linux web & wiki editing software suggestions?

C. Martens c.martens at rogers.com
Sat Dec 9 03:55:59 UTC 2006

>On 05/12/06, C. Martens <c.martens at rogers.com> wrote:
>> Do other readers have 'simple' web-editing favs?

>mozilla based NVU ?

What in the world do u mean, David?

It's a rather odd bit of convergence, but I came across Drupal/CivicCRM, and CivicSpace, yesterday at techsoup.org, in connection with a new CRM package at work. I'll actually be recruiting for a CRM Project Manager, too, but unfortunately the platform may have to be Microshaft again due to the charity's huge past investment in infrastructure. Anyone know of a good CRM PM contractor, in Toronto, experienced in regards to Salesforce.com, Great Plains Dynamics, and/or Razor's Edge? High-level, big-picture abilities are also needed, as this is part of a balanced scorecard initiative, too.

For our website, should I be downloading drupal itself? I'm a bit nervous in doing that before I get Mythtv reinstalled here (which also uses the MySql, and it's best to have no databases, users, or tables when installing Mythtv), slated for next weekend when my tuner arrives via the courier. I am very itnerested in possibly using the CivicSpace on our site, although we already have a MySpace, so I'm not sure if they're the same thing? I just think the CivicCRM/CivicSpace would be extremely useful for our community development, including the managment of volunteers for our event(s).

I'd rather stay away from any windows-based web-editing tools, as I'm trying to migrate away. Of course, I'm having trouble with the MS Word's installer under wine, too... (I'm afraid I just need Word for Endnote work, as the frontend to Endnote is a Word plugin).

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