Myles Green rmg57 at
Mon Apr 3 04:37:05 UTC 2006

Daniel Robitaille wrote:
>>Oops! I guess I got my facts wrong :-( Sorry to Alex about that and
>>thanks to you for setting me straight :-)
> I believe Alex has left the list a few months back...

I see...

>>Any idea of how many members we have so far?  I'd like to become an
>>active member of Ubuntu-ca, I tried with the overall Ubuntu community
>>but was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people involved.
> The mailing list has 144 members.  But the group is pretty much nearly
> dead nowadays from what I see.   So I don't think you will be
> overwhelmed by the activities or number of participants in the group. 
> But you are more than welcome in helping changing this :)
> (you and any of the 143 people on this list).

Yes, I noticed things were fairly quiet compared the the fire-hose that 
is the ubuntu-users list. Well, now that I know it exists I'll try to 
round up a few more users.

On the plus side, I finally got my father using Ubuntu after trying to 
get him to switch from OS/2 (now eCom Station) for the last 7 or 8 
years. Not bad considering he is legally blind and deaf as a post. He 
isn't totally blind but he's limited to peripheral vision (macular 
degeneration). That didn't stop him from doing the install un-aided 
though - all I did was help him to set it up so that he could find his 
way around and show him a few of the ropes (updating the system, setting 
up NTP and finding an email app he was happy with).

I've also got 2 more people interested in making the switch to Linux 
based on the fact that my father is using it so maybe we'll have some 
more list traffic in the near future.


BTW, is there a way to get Thunderbird to reply to list instead of to 
the sender and all recipients? If not I'll switch to something else 
because I know _I_ dislike getting 2 copies of an email...

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