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Well, that was quick.

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ISSN 1718-1100  Ubuntu Linux - Canadian edition (CD-ROM)
ISSN 1718-1119  Ubuntu Linux - Canadian edition (Online)

Please ensure that the ISSN assigned to your title is printed on each 
issue.  The number should be printed in a prominent location, for 
example either on the front or back cover, or the title page, or 
included in the publishing or copyright information.

It is most important to remember that if the title of the publication is 
changed, the ISSN must be changed as well.  _Therefore, if you plan any 
change in your title, please inform us in advance_.  This will enable us 
to supply you with a new ISSN in time for printing on the first issue of 
the new title, as well as on all subsequent issues of the same title.

*Please note that for common titles such as Bulletin, the issuing body's 
name is considered to be part of the title.  Therefore, any change in 
this name thus creates a change of title requiring a new ISSN.*

* *
*For more information, please visit ISSN Canada's Web site:*
Thank you for your support of this program.

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