Ubuntu in Canadian Libraries

MF magicfab at gmail.com
Mon Nov 28 14:44:24 UTC 2005

Kush Singh wrote:

> I am interested in reaching out to libraries in Toronto and have added 
> my name in the wiki page for Canadian libraries.
Hi Kush,

Thanks for your message. I am CCing this to the list to answer your 

I' d also like to suggest you create a page on the Wiki with your 
contact information and link to that from the 
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuInCanadianLibraries, see the example from 

> Can a live CD help in installing Ubuntu on a computer or can it only 
> be used for a demo? i am asking this because if its not possible, then 
> one has to carry 2 CDs (an install CD and a live CD for demo purposes)
The Ubuntu people are preparing a single-cd including LIVE + INSTALL for 
Dapper but right now we do have to carry 2 CDs around.

> Would you be making a marketing package with a flyer, some 
> documentation etc which i can then copy and if possible get printed etc.

Yes, based on what' s already available.

> I have limited resources at the present time and it would be difficult 
> for me to move around at this time of the year but i could do this 
> more easily in the summer/spring.

Well, if you could start by providing links to list of libraries in your 
area, and put them in the Wiki in your section, that would help a lot. 
No need to go there right now.

> I could also send these CDs to schools and smaller libraries in and 
> around Toronto later, contact councillors and members of the 
> provincial parliament etc.
We want to minimize expenses and make this a sustainable effort, but at 
the same time hace direct contact with people so I don' t see us 
actually shipping the CDs but visiting and explaining why they should 
have them.



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