the DVD saga

Allen Graham allenggraham at
Thu Nov 10 14:09:48 UTC 2005

Hi all :
MF responded to my problem with this (successful) response:
 "I understand it's not in any repos anymore, you have to go to command
line to get it installed: "
Co-incidentally, I found it by following a "trail of breadcrumbs" that Jake
started me on from here: primarily for i386 hardware.

NB: be very carefull with the commands, on my AMD64 things happen way too
fast. Fortunately
on the way through "DVDRead3" it stops, basically asking :"are you sure",
then displays requirements,
such as "fakeroot" , debhelper" etc. I stopped, went through and installed
next , returned to the shell script, and continued, wow ! lots of stuff.
Libdvdcss2 magically appeared in my
Synaptic file system. Then it was neccessary to reload "Totem". Jake
suggested VLC Player, which makes
more sense, but at this moment it's a no-go.
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