Linux (and Ubuntu) advocacy in Canada and USA

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See my comments below

On 11/9/05, MF <MagicFab at> wrote:
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> It's interesting another thread on FACIL's mailing list
> ( made me discover the MSDNAA program, an initiative
> to bring free MS licenses to students accross NorthAmerica - I see
> this model easily replicated around the world to make sure every
> single student and teacher has access to legal licenses of MS
> products. It started this August and now most all colleges and
> universities are in it.

MS is also targeting high-schools. MS wants to make sure that from a
very young age students get trapped using Microsoft products. In this
way, when they have the power to buy new products, they will certainly
choose Microsoft software.

> I'd say we could / should focus some efforts there. There's contact
> information for ALL the individuals responsible for the program on
> each campus. What's the best way to go about this ?

I believe we have to organize an Ubuntu advocacy team (or maybe join a
Linux advocacy team) to prepare and distribute promotional material to
let students (in particular those in Elementary and High School) know
that there are alternatives to Microsoft products. If you get them
when they are young, you would have customers (I should say
supporters) for life. This is the strategy of McDonalds and this is
what Microsoft is trying to do. By the way, my 3-year old son likes to
play with the games that come with the Ubuntu distribution I installed
in my laptop.

If we organize this team, I would certainly volunteer in it.



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