Translation of "Linux for Human Beings"

David Larlet david at
Tue Nov 8 22:48:29 UTC 2005

Hodgins Family a écrit :
> Dear David Larlet:
> Good evening from Canada! A discussion has developed on the Ubuntu-CA 
> list that I hope you might be able to assist us with.
> The thread in question is "Ubuntu Canada CD insert"
> We wish to have "Linux for Human Beings" translated into French. Has the 
> French LoCo already done this? Can you save us some time?
> Thanks very much,
> Rob Hodgins


We haven't already translated "Linux for Human Beings" because we chose 
to use "Liberté pour l'utilisateur" on our visiting cards. "Linux pour 
les êtres humains" doesn't seemed to be as strong as his equivalent in 
english, that's why we prefer another one (by the way, it's not 
definitive choice).

Do not hesitate to make me aware of your conclusions and sorry for my 
english, you know... I'm french ;)

You're welcome,
David Larlet

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