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Tue Nov 8 12:58:44 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I've been lurking on the list since UBZ and thought I would chime in.

"Linux pour l'etre humain" is a quite literal translation of the Ubuntu
english slogan and while grammatically correct, it is awkward. I've noticed
a LOT watching french TV in Montreal that slogans are almost never that
literally translated, they are usually more loosely associated and composed
to get something catchier.

I wish I could help but even being bilingual I suck at translating and
slogans from what I gather take some rather leet skills, beyond normal

The expediant thing to do would be, as suggested, leaving the slogan out.

However, on a personal note, I've always LIKED Ubuntu's slogan, "Linux for
human beings" resonates with me, I wish I had the inspiration to come up
with something comparable in french to help.

On 11/8/05, Brian Burger <blurdesign at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sounds like ditching the slogan is popular...
> That will also give us more space for the text, which - especially on
> the French side - is far too cramped for my taste...
> If anyone wants to rewrite the texts to be shorter, briefer and
> punchier, please do! (My skills in copywriting are minimal...)
> Brian.
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