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Mon Nov 7 01:37:10 UTC 2005

On 11/6/05, MF <MagicFab at> wrote:

> I remember at UBZ Love Day someone mentioned these:
> Perhaps you want to get in touch with them ?
> Corey is from BC, BTW. If you look at the Canadian team members listing,
> they're pretty much across Canada.

There's a cluster of us here in Victoria - Daniel, Corey & I at least[1];
I've also got a couple of friends who run Ubuntu. When I held that Breeze
Release micro-party, we had a couple of people interested in coming down
from Duncan (90 minutes north of Victoria)...

Hmmm... Vancouver Island LoCo Team, anyone? <j/k>

- "Madpilot" on IRC -
[1] For those who might have wondered: Corey & I are related; he's my
younger brother and got me into Ubuntu when my XP install when down &
couldn't be resurrected...
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