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Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Sun Nov 6 15:53:14 UTC 2005

> I think we're active. I mean, UBZ is happening in Montreal, QC, Canada!

UBZ being in Montreal had nothing to do with the LoCo.  We learned
about it at the same time than anybody else in Ubuntu-land.  The LoCo
wasn't involved in the planning or organization of that conference.

> I am pretty active and I believe you are too, Corey - we're far from
> alone. ;) I see at least another Canadian (Hubert I'd like to propose
> you add our listing to
> (Locoteams section). Yeah, we're active ;)

Nobody question individual users being active, or some groups based in
Canada of being active.  But the LoCo Canadian team, as a team,
currently isn't active and and doesn't  function as a team, doing team
activities, and providing active team resources.

i'm not pointing fingers here at anyone  or at anything, but I think
it's a fact that we can all see by looking at the LoCo team activities
in recent weeks, which are near none.

We'll be able to add yourselves to the LoCoTeams listings the day we
are an active and functional LoCo team.  I suspect it will pretty
obvious to us and to outside observers when we reach that level.  But
in my opinion we are not there today.  It is also my opinion that we
are probably not that far off: the base is there and we only need to
gather some momentum and  focus our energies on some well defined
activities/community resources to get us on our way.

Daniel Robitaille

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