Ubuntu Canada CD insert

MF MagicFab at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 00:46:17 UTC 2005

>It's sort of hard to fit three languages on two-sided paper - I'm already
>having trouble fitting the French side of the Ubuntu.ca
><http://Ubuntu.ca>one on 1/6th of a sheet of letter paper. I might
>have to redesign for
>quarter-sheet slips. (The English blurb fits just fine; the French blurb is
>about a line and a half longer, and doesn't fit comfortably....)
>The nice thing about 1/6th of a sheet is that it fits without folding in
>anything a CD fits in; 1/4 sheets are a bit too large compared to a CD. I'll
>keep playing with it, and probably post a first-draft version later tonight.

I was showing you my insert in terms of layout, not really in terms of
the languages (spanish) for inclusion. I think a two-language sheet
would be enough in our context, and it could then be adapted by other
communities to be english+whatever..

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