A tale of 2 websites

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at gmail.com
Sat May 28 22:06:48 UTC 2005

I tend to agree with Corey's comments.

> I think the
> current wiki proves this with more active items than we have had on the
> ubuntu.com wiki.

unless I'm missing something, I can only find 5 pages on the wiki:
    *  HomeServerHowTo
    * InstallingFreeNX
    * SkillsOntarioUbuntuServer
    * CD Insert
    * Ubuntu-ca LUG Presentation 

The first 2 are not specifically canadian in content; and I would
highly recommend that whoever is working on them get involved with the
ubuntu-doc group; that way they would be intregrated in the larger
pool of Ubuntu Docs, and be available for everyone, not just
Canadians. And more people could work on them to make them better

The other 3 are things that are more closely related to this group.
That CD insert is a good idea; and other LoCo teams should have access
to it, and then maybe they would go "ah...we should do the same in our
country".  But unless it goes on the main ubuntu wiki, the idea will
probably stay "hidden" in Canada since it will hard to find.

We are here to promote Ubuntu in Canada; but we also here to promote
Ubuntu in general;  and as such there is a need for an easy flow of
information and ideas between the various groups in Ubuntu.   Sharing
the same wiki with others for ideas is an easy way of achieving this.

Daniel Robitaille

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