Time to regroup and move on.

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Wed May 25 15:36:47 UTC 2005

I would be up for the Contact position and/or the leadership position. Lets 
figure out how to best to go about choosing one and get this done.

I have thought and still believe the groups needs a leader, maybe this 
doesn't need to be formal but so far we haven't really had any informal 
leaders either. Something about how this group operates needs to change for 
us to meet our mandate. Maybe that something is a leader who responsibility 
it is to be sure things are always moving?

I am partial to the ubuntu/ca site. I would like to see ubuntu-org redirect 
to ubuntu.ca <http://ubuntu.ca> to unify the presence. There is a cost to 
the current hosting situation with ubuntu.ca <http://ubuntu.ca>; however, I 
would like to followup with a note on the 
http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamProcess page that talks about having a 
linode setup. This would give us the flexibility we need to run what we want 
and sounds like it might be free? maybe once we have the conatct sorted out 
they could followup? It would also give us the added clout of running on a 
ubuntu platform.

right now mcmahonm and I have access to the ubuntu-ca site. This can be 
given to anyone who is interested. We can also give out elevated privileges 
to mambo and/or the wiki if anyone is interested. Theantix and MylesB 
already have elevated privileges.

A quick thanks to Daniel for putting together this well thought out e-mail. 
I look forward to moving forward with everyone!
I hope everyone else feels comfortable speaking up. Let us know what you 
think, this is your group too. 

On 5/25/05, Daniel Robitaille <robitaille at gmail.com> wrote:
> executive summary: It's time to wake up this group!
> I was at the Ubuntu Community Council meeting earlier today, and the
> first portion of the meeting was done by some LoCo team contacts
> people and it was really nice to see what some other groups are doing.
> And it got me mad: as an Ubuntu Canadian user to think that after
> many months we haven't really done that much, haven't managed to even
> make it as an official recognized LoCo team
> (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LoCoTeamList clearly shows that we
> are not in the top table yet). Personally I find this kind of
> pathetic considering the number of Canadian users I see in the Ubuntu
> community, including some rather high profile ones. And here I'm NOT
> pointing fingers at anyone: I think it is clearly a group failure,
> and I will take the blame as much as anyone.
> With that said, it's time to move on and get our collective butt in
> gear. I'll list in this e-mail various aspects to the Canadian Loco
> effort. For each of them, it would be nice if people who are or have
> been involved to raise their hand and tell everyone what's going on.
> The point of the exercise if to put everyone on the same page to get
> us moving forward and to understand exactly who is doing what, and who
> can do what. And if I forget something, please don't hesitate to add
> it.
> By the way, as a starting point, here is what officially is a Ubuntu
> LoCo team based in UDU discussions a few weeks back:
> http://udu.wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamProcess
> So here we go with my list:
> 1) mailing list (http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ca)
> Obviously it is working :) Who has administrative access to it?
> And out of curisity, how many users do we have?
> 2) IRC channel (#ubuntu-ca)
> Also working; but awfully quiet most of the time I'm on it (but I
> tend to be on it late evenings west coast time). Who is channel op?
> It's nice to see the logger is running
> (http://threeducks.net/ubuntu-ca-log/). Who is doing that?
> 3) Contact person.
> We need one, period. This is the person that represent us to the
> Ubuntu world, and on the other side, the person the "world" talk to.
> Important point: it is NOT a leader job; it is just the contact person
> to make sure information flow in and out between the LoCo team and the
> rest of the Ubuntu community.
> Right now we have a voting page, with one person on it (Alex):
> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/CanadianLocoContactVote
> Alex? Do you still want the job? Anyone else wants to throw their
> hat in the ring?
> As long as we don't have a contact person, from an Ubuntu point of
> view we simply show up as a very disorganized bunch of people.
> 4) Leader. Do we want one? Do we need one?
> The wiki page is :
> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/CanadianTeamLeadershipVote
> With 2 names on the voting ballot: Andrew and Alex. Once again, what
> are your status you two about this? And anyone else wants to get in
> there?
> Personally I don't think we need that job, but that's only my personal
> opinion. A community leadership for a group like this one is not a
> function of a specific leader, but is very much a function of various
> individuals putting the effort into the portions of the community and
> getting things done. It should pretty clear to anyone what needs to be
> done. It's not rocket science here, but only a Canadian LoCo team.
> But maybe people feel more confortable with a "leader", who may or may
> not be the same person than our contact person.
> 5) The web site.
> Right now we have two: ubuntu-ca.org <http://ubuntu-ca.org> (using 
> Mathias's server), and
> ubuntu.ca <http://ubuntu.ca>. We cannot go on with 2 web sites. We are a 
> small enough
> group, we simply cannot waste our energy into 2 sites; we got to
> channel our effort into one, and have the DNS entry of the other url
> point to it. It look kind of amateur to have 2 web sites. Beside
> figuring out a team contact person, I personally think that's should
> be our 2nd main short term goal to get our house into order in the
> eyes of the world.
> So who is behind, and have access to the content of both web sites?
> Looking tonight at both sites, they are both very much "work in
> progress", but it seems ubuntu.ca <http://ubuntu.ca> has had work done on 
> it recently,
> while ubuntu-ca.org <http://ubuntu-ca.org> pretty much look like it has 
> been stale for all of
> May. I was talking recently to Myles Braithwaite about the "not being
> updated" planet-ca, and it seems that recently he was still waiting to
> have access to ubuntu-ca.org <http://ubuntu-ca.org> to update the planet.
> Personal opinion: at this point in time ubuntu.ca <http://ubuntu.ca> seems 
> to be more
> "alive" and seems to have more potential; but ubuntu-ca.org<http://ubuntu-ca.org>is on a
> server maintained officially by Ubuntu which could be nice on the long
> run (and could be cheaper financially for some individual in the
> group).
> 6) Ubuntu-ca French/Francais?
> I see that most of the Canadian wiki pages have been translating in
> french; nice job! I have a vague recollection of someone offering
> his service to the list way back when. Anyone has anything to add?
> 7) UbuntuInuktitut
> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuInuktitut
> anything else to add? The wiki page seems pretty complete for the
> status of this project. I still think it is a crazy project, but in
> my books it gets top mark for originality and canadian content :)
> 8) Wiki
> Probably the most visible aspect of the Canadian effort up to now.
> Appears to be in pretty good shape. And since it is a wiki, anyone
> can help making sure on a semi-regular basis that things are correct
> and in order.
> 9) Contacting LUGs
> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ContactingLUGS
> bare on details and volunteers, but should logically be a large
> portion of the job of a Canadian LoCo: to promote the distro at a
> community level starting with the LUGs; that's why we are here.
> Ok, it's getting late, and this e-mail is getting long. Let's talk
> about all this, let's get ourself in gear to make it an active
> community once again. And let's keep it simple for now concentrating
> on a small number of core activities/services so that we do a good
> active job at them before we start expanding into other activities.
> And very soon we should once again advertize ourself to various
> Ubuntu outlets (forum, mailing list). I wonder how many Ubuntu
> Canadians users out there don't even know that they have access to
> this community? And to bring new blood in here could be a very good
> thing for the level of energy of the group.
> We have a good foundation for this LoCo group, with a lot of the major
> pieces already in place. Personally I think we just need to get
> things moving in the right direction to make it officially an active
> (and useful one!) part of the Ubuntu community.
> Daniel
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