Adele et Antoine Cottin adancottin at aei.ca
Sat Apr 30 13:23:03 UTC 2005

Hi Matthias, Hi the Group,

The mails pass and i'm more and more unconfortable about the situation
in this group. I have a infinite feeling of missunderstanding and of waste.

I'm the one who send, 2 days ago, the email to the group saying that we
need to move on. I put this email below.

/Hi guys,

Just a quick email to tell you something that should be very important
to those who subscribe to this mailing list.

Let's face it, we need a leader now ! cause it's cool to be there in
the IRC just hanging around but nothing happen. We create this
community to do something for promoting the Open Source and most of
all Ubuntu.
So let's move on and peoples who want's to be leader please stand up
and let us know. After that we will choose.

Pease reply to this message we need action not passivity.


Why did i did that. Well it's simple. Because i was in the community
since 2 month and just nothing happened. That's right, at the beginning
an emulation was here, people try to elaborate things, project, role of
everyone. At that time i was asking Alex to give the keys for
translating his website (i was the only french speaking in the group at
that time), he was always very busy and told me that he will came back
latter on this. And the end nothing arrived ?
I don't blame Alex here. There is really nothing personnal with Alex, i
really appreciate his job for the community. But as it says in the
"Ubuntu Constitution" (sorry but my wife is a lawyer ;) ) if you cannot
handle the situation just say it and make a step back.
Here it's seems that Alex didn't step back at the good time. Being busy
and cannot asume something that he create is not a failure ! He could
have step back and came back at the same "position" if he just said it.

So in conclusion to this point, i wanna say that Alex have to talk with
the others. If i join this community (and the french one) this is
especially because everything have to be built, and i was willing to do
that. So the mutism of Alex need to be step over and move on.

The second point on which i'm not confortable is the website. Alex wrote:
I'm currently in a web developer class at BCIT and I am learning a lot

/about good
design and development principals, at the time when I wrote the site
at www.ubuntu-ca.org I was completely self taught and now that I've
taken a class I can see just how bad it is.

*I'm going to redesign the site as my term project.* It wont be jaw
dropping amazing but the stuff I'm learning will enable me to blow the
current site out of the water, not that that really says a whole lot
in light of the current site.

/I'm sorry, but the website of the community is not a personnal term project. It's a community project even if he start it. As the investigator of this group, he have to be aware that peoples will not have the same feelings and thoughts. So yes he can present the community site as HIS OWN PROJECT AND PUT HIS NAME ON IT FOR HIS/HER PROFESSOR, but he will have to compose with the community.

I'm really sorry for all this and the situation. I will stick here again for a while but unfortunatelly if nothing change i will move on on my own.

I think we are a bite wasting the whole spirit of Ubuntu and Open Source in here and i don't want to participate to this. Ubuntu is so a great cause that i will not waste it.

Best regards to all.


Octave, Adèle et Antoine COTTIN
285 rue Saint-Joseph Est #201
G1K 3B1 Québec
Québec, Canada

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