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Sat Apr 30 04:52:25 UTC 2005

Matthias Urlichs wrote:

> main problem is one of semantics -- "leader" can be "one who leads by
> setting an example for others" (so that others follow by their own free
> will), or "one who tells others what to do" (so that others are coerced
> to do what the leader wants). 

Matthias, can you please explain to me what exactly 
the "LoCo Team Contact" job is all about?

Is this just a thinly veiled disguise for the term "Leader" or not?

Personally I dont think LoCo Groups need a leader, we should just 
co-operate as a group.

> *If* there is more than one person to whom that term (again, in its first
> sense) applies to, *then* it is appropriate to conduct a vote. 

So if there is more than one person who is leading by example then we need 
to have a vote?

> However: First you need to figure out not only who the candidates are,
> but also who can vote in the first place.

Very good point. 

> I'd suggest that a neutral third party conduct the vote; I offer my
> services for that.

This whole idea of a vote bugs me.

Matthias, about 2 months ago we decided we needed a leader so we could
be recognized as an official LoCo team, and so we had a vote.

Andrew (who has just joined the list) nominated himself, and didn't
get any votes.

I started this project and so it seemed appropriate that I should also
nominate myself.
I received three votes. We had about 8 active members at that time and
two were nominatees.

I won the vote, you saw that I won because you were on the mailing list.. 

but... then... nothing... happened...

Next thing I knew almost two months had gone by and Andrew is again calling
for a vote. 

Yes I'm sorry that I was silent for a couple months. However I don't
think my absence should have meant anything to anyone.

Or if it really did mean something and I was sorely missed and the
group couldn't function without me, then why didn't someone write me
an email or something to
find out if I was even alive?

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