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Andrew VanSpronsen avanspronsen at gmail.com
Thu Apr 28 21:47:42 UTC 2005

I like what Ryan has suggested. I wasn't even really sure that our last vote 
was a vote. The group is a little bigger now so we should be able to get 
more than 3 votes; which would in itself me a little more convincing :-)

The only thing I would add is that we should make a deadline for announcing 
your intention to run for leader. Lets say 12:00 GMT on April 30th. Then 
voting can start and would last a week.


On 4/28/05, Ryan Thiessen <ryan at ryanthiessen.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Alex Combas wrote:
> > I just didnt feel comfortable making command disicions anymore if I was
> > not leader, and althought people voted for me I was not made leader so I
> > didnt know what to do. Command disicions need to be made. We need some
> > clear leader.
> >
> > At the time I was working pretty hard for the project and everyone saw
> > that. Its been what? Four weeks? Five? Still no leader. Im disapointed.
> Who did you expect to make you the leader? I was under the impression
> that you already were because the only people that voted, voted for you.
> Catch-22, sounds like we needed a leader to tell us who our leader was.
> :-) Moving on...
> At this time now, are you interested in moving forward and being the
> leader as we voted on last time, or do you think should we look to Andrew
> (or someone else) to take on that leadership role? And how do we
> determine that it's finished and the leader is chosen? I suppose this
> question goes out to everyone. Here is my suggestion:
> 1. Cancel the votes previously cast
> 2. See who wants to run. We know Andrew does, maybe Alex still does.
> 3. Vote again.
> 4. Count replies sent to the list by 12:00 GMT on May 7.
> 5. Our project leader for the next year will be whoever gets the most
> votes.
> How does this procedure sound?
> Cheers,
> -rt-
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