Fwd: We need to move on

Ryan Thiessen ryan at ryanthiessen.com
Thu Apr 28 21:18:16 UTC 2005

On Thu, 28 Apr 2005, Alex Combas wrote:

> I just didnt feel comfortable making command disicions anymore if I was 
> not leader, and althought people voted for me I was not made leader so I 
> didnt know what to do. Command disicions need to be made. We need some 
> clear leader.
> At the time I was working pretty hard for the project and everyone saw 
> that. Its been what? Four weeks? Five? Still no leader. Im disapointed.

Who did you expect to make you the leader?  I was under the impression 
that you already were because the only people that voted, voted for you. 
Catch-22, sounds like we needed a leader to tell us who our leader was. 
:-)  Moving on...

At this time now, are you interested in moving forward and being the 
leader as we voted on last time, or do you think should we look to Andrew 
(or someone else) to take on that leadership role?  And how do we 
determine that it's finished and the leader is chosen?  I suppose this 
question goes out to everyone.  Here is my suggestion:

1. Cancel the votes previously cast
2. See who wants to run.  We know Andrew does, maybe Alex still does.
3. Vote again.
4. Count replies sent to the list by 12:00 GMT on May 7.
5. Our project leader for the next year will be whoever gets the most 

How does this procedure sound?


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