Vincent at
Fri Apr 15 12:23:29 UTC 2005

Alex Combas wrote:

> Fantastic Vincent!
> On 4/14/05, Vincent Labreche < at> wrote:
>> As for a name, UbuntuCanada would be neutral I guess :)
>> Or at least i guess CanadaGroup
> Im not so sure about "CanadaGroup" as a title, what type of group is 
> it? We should have "Ubuntu" in the title, same goes for "TeamCanada" or
> "CanadianTeam".
> Here are my suggestions: UbuntuCanadianTeam or UbuntuGroupCanada.
> Also, I have to ask. Do we want both french and english on a single
> page on our wiki?
> It looks a little bit messy, perhaps a link to a translation of the
> page would be better, both pages will look a lot cleaner this way. We
> could also have a link to the english translation on the french site.
> How does that sound?
> The main informational site will also need
> translation, and it also sorely needs updating. I'll get on it ASAP.
> Do we want a french domain? Example: ? That 
> might be interesting. Thoughts?
So far so good, and i do agree we should have uni-language pages.

If we are to give equal weight to both French and English, i suggest to be a front page, with links to both and

As for wiki names, maybe something similar could be used, UbuntuCanada 
redirect peoples to TeamUbuntuCanada and EquipeUbuntuCanada, 
respectively English and French...?

This is kinda muddy waters i guess, in Canada, there is much French 
(Quebec, Terre-Neuve and some in Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Alberta) but even 
more English. And also, most French also speak English, but the reverse 
is far from true...

Mail me back, with what you think, and if you want, i can begin 
translation on

Vincent Labreche

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