[Bug 370447] [NEW] Nautilus won't work after pluging/unpluging a USB Storage Drive

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Wed Jun 24 17:48:31 BST 2009

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I am using Jaunty 9.04 with all the updates available until the time of
writing this bug. Nautilus stopped working (Segmentation Fault) shortly
after connecting and disconnecting a USB Hard Drive. Meaning, when I
click on Places->Home (or any other place) nothing happens.

These are the log messages corresponding to this issue:

May  1 12:33:24 Dell kernel: [  356.002700] nautilus[3494]: segfault at
a0a8000 ip b60497dd sp b5f8ffc0 error 4 in libbrasero-

May  1 12:34:11 Dell kernel: [  402.563291] nautilus[3518]: segfault at
a3b2008 ip b5d397dd sp b5980fc0 error 4 in libbrasero-

May  1 12:35:37 Dell kernel: [  488.818385] nautilus[3528]: segfault at
9d28000 ip b5d597dd sp b59a0fc0 error 4 in libbrasero-

May  1 12:37:03 Dell kernel: [  574.601726] nautilus[3537]: segfault at
87eb000 ip b5d0c7dd sp b5953fc0 error 4 in libbrasero-

May  1 12:39:14 Dell kernel: [  705.745478] nautilus[3546]: segfault at
860f000 ip b5d037dd sp b594afc0 error 4 in libbrasero-

May  1 12:41:14 Dell kernel: [  826.312427] nautilus[3754]: segfault at
8d53000 ip b556b7dd sp b6af2fc0 error 4 in libbrasero-

** Affects: brasero (Ubuntu)
     Importance: Undecided
         Status: New

Nautilus won't work after pluging/unpluging a USB Storage Drive
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