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Hi Alberto,

Thanks for the interesting discussion, and all the best in your future


On Thu, Jun 8, 2017 at 4:46 PM, Alberto Salvia Novella <
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> Jono Bacon:
>> it is low bandwidth, you can access it on mobile phones, blind people can
>> understand it with screen readers, multiple clients support it, you can do
>> machine translation on it, etc.
> Thanks for your input. I think this conversation has went a little through
> the roof, and better stepped away a little bit to regain perspective.
> Right now I simply think text is better at those things, but only slightly
> better in practice. Not to make a choice based on it.
> I just liked to have a way of communication which has the benefits of
> hangouts, while keeping some from email. Face to face, briefness, and the
> possibility to communicate when it better fits you.
> Furthermore I think that's the future, and the way I liked to communicate
> and make business with anyone online.
> We saw a jump from reading articles on the Internet to getting the same
> information through video, and I think the next logical step is having the
> same for communications. Just bandwidth wasn't good enough till recently to
> enable it, so still no software really supports that.
> The jump will be from the social web to the interactive web. People
> instead of posting contents for others to consume, will interact through
> contents themselves. Because that's what really people is looking for, not
> spam from others but to interact with them.
> Just my thoughts. Have a nice day.


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