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Alberto Salvia Novella es20490446e at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 23:46:32 UTC 2017

Jono Bacon:
> it is low bandwidth, you can access it on mobile phones, blind people 
> can understand it with screen readers, multiple clients support it, you 
> can do machine translation on it, etc.

Thanks for your input. I think this conversation has went a little 
through the roof, and better stepped away a little bit to regain 

Right now I simply think text is better at those things, but only 
slightly better in practice. Not to make a choice based on it.

I just liked to have a way of communication which has the benefits of 
hangouts, while keeping some from email. Face to face, briefness, and 
the possibility to communicate when it better fits you.

Furthermore I think that's the future, and the way I liked to 
communicate and make business with anyone online.

We saw a jump from reading articles on the Internet to getting the same 
information through video, and I think the next logical step is having 
the same for communications. Just bandwidth wasn't good enough till 
recently to enable it, so still no software really supports that.

The jump will be from the social web to the interactive web. People 
instead of posting contents for others to consume, will interact through 
contents themselves. Because that's what really people is looking for, 
not spam from others but to interact with them.

Just my thoughts. Have a nice day.

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