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Jean-Baptiste Lallement jean-baptiste.lallement at
Thu Nov 19 15:17:17 UTC 2015

Hi Brian,

Le 19/11/2015 00:26, Brian Murray a écrit :
> I've worked on and use some greasemonkey scripts[1] that modify Launchpad
> and make some tasks easier. One of them, lp_button_tags, isn't currently
> working and I thought this would make a good Google Code In project.
> Having said that it wouldn't be very rewarding if I'm the only person
> still using these.
> So is anybody else still using these scripts?
I still use them, especially the stock replies, the script that opens a 
dropdown with official tags, and I like the karma suffix. Maybe I use 
other gm scripts but it's been installed for so long that I think it's 
part of LP now :)


> Or have you never heard of them and do you want the script which makes
> it easier to tag bugs working again?
> [1]
> Thanks!
> --
> Brian Murray

Jean-Baptiste Lallement
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