Connectivity Problem..

Zgi Ltd zgiltd at
Wed Mar 25 06:10:10 UTC 2015


I use my mobile phone (Vodafone 2G) to access internet on my laptop
(Dell Vostro 1015) as i was using Ubuntu 12.4 for long and only now i
have upgraded to 14.4.LTS.

the problem is i am not able to get connectd thru bluetooth as
whenever i am trying to connect thru mobile phone i get message "
unable to pair with Ubuntu-0 "

so when i am trying to pair thru my laptop i get message Error:
connection refused (111)  or sometimes the message says;
successfully setup new device (my Nokia 6120 classic) and after that
it reads.. detecting phone configuration and after a minute or two the
following messages appears;
Error: timed out detecting phone details.

i am not able to get connected as i was earlier so please guide me
what to do for getting connected successfully.

Thank you.

zgiltd at

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