Utopic test writing hackfest

Nicholas Skaggs nicholas.skaggs at canonical.com
Thu Jun 26 19:51:28 UTC 2014

In addition to the bug hug + testing days, I'd like to also schedule 
some hackfests to get our tests in shape. What's a hackfest?


We have some outstanding needs on both the automated and manual test 
writing efforts. Elfy has already stepped forward to help out on the 
manual test front (thank you much!), while perhaps still unbeknownst to 
the QA folks, they'll be helping me on the automated test front :-) 
Thanks Leo et la!

So what are we going to be hacking on? If you know python and have some 
autopilot knowledge (or willing to learn), we are going to be hacking on 
the toolkit helper for autopilot for the ubuntu sdk. That's a mouthful! 
Specifically it's the helpers that we use for writing autopilot tests 
against ubuntu-sdk applications. All app developers make use of these 
helpers, and we need more of them to ensure we have good coverage for 
all components developers use.

If you don't know python, we still need help writing manual testcases! 
All you need is some basic tester knowledge and the ability to write in 
English. Don't worry, we'll be around to help, and there's guides to 
well, guide you! Specifically we'll be looking at writing and finishing 
some testcases for ubuntu studio and some other flavors.

The first is scheduled for July 15th from 1900-2200 UTC. Complete 
details, guides, work items, etc are all being collected on the event page:


Questions? Ask away! hope to see everyone there!


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