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  To restore the default configuration file /etc/cups/cupsd.conf, run the commands: <<BR>> {{{$ sudo mv /etc/cups/cupsd.conf ~}}} <<BR>> {{{$ apt-get download cups}}} <<BR>> {{{$ sudo dpkg -i --force-confmiss cups_*.deb}}} <<BR>> You can also restore other configuration files, as printers.conf for example. Simply do the same steps but instead of cupsd.conf move away the offending configuration file.
+ = Turboprint =
+ [[http://www.turboprint.info/|Turboprint]] is a comercially distributed manufacturer-independent printer driver package. It is for photo inkjet printers, supporting several models which are not or not well supported by the drivers which come with Ubuntu (Gutenprint, HPLIP) or from the manufacturers and also adds color management with calibration service to all supported printers. You have to pay for the software and for the calibration service. You can download the software for free but after a 30-day trial period a Turboprint logo gets printed on every page.
+ We cannot fix bugs in Turboprint, as it is a third-party closed-source software package, like many manufacturer-supplied drivers, but the developers of Turboprint are responsive, so we can forward bug reports to them.
+ One known problem is that Turboprint currently ships with a Ghostscript clone based on a very old Ghostscript version, after which we have worked a lot with the original developers of Ghostscript to remove very many crash bugs. So if you have problems that certain (especially more complex) files do not print (and perhaps you find segmentation fault messages of "gszedo" in /var/log/syslog), proceed as follows:
+ Run the command <<BR>> {{{$ turboprint}}} <<BR>> A window, "Turbo Print Control Center" will open. Click "Preferences" at the bottom of the window. In the dialog popping up now uncheck "use Ghostscript with extensions for TurboPrint". Click "OK" in the dialog window and "Exit" in the main window.
+ This makes Turboprint using the current version of Ghostscript as shipped with Ubuntu, containing all the latest bug fixes.
  = Known bugs =
  Description of known issues, how to recognise them and stock responses/actions.

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