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  || Bugs that don't appear to be Unity related at all || The issue you're describing doesn't sound related to Unity. Could you log into a classic gnome session and see if this issue persists? || ||
  || Crashers for which you'd like the user to get a stack trace || Could you please follow the instructions on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/FilingBugs#Getting%20a%20stack%20trace and attach unity.log to this bug report? || ||
+ = Canned "Call for Help" Template =
+ Sometimes you know how a bug should be fixed (or a feature be implemented) but don't have time to do it, here's a template to add to your bug report to enable someone to contribute a fix:
+ {{{
+ This bug would be an ideal bug for someone to get started hacking on Unity, here's some information:
+  * Time to fix: 3h (in hours)
+  * Difficulty: bitesize/normal/difficult
+  * Implementation:
+      (pseudo code hand wavy idea goes here) 
+  * Where to look: src/blah.cc
+  * Workflow information: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/ 
+ }}}
  = Bug Tags =
  These tags allow isolation of bugs into smaller groups, providing an easier and faster way to work on specific issues.

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