Have I filed bug 776834 wrongly?

John Costella john.costella at gmail.com
Fri May 6 07:07:10 UTC 2011

Hi bugsquad,

I filed bug report 776834 which happens to contains apport collections for
two bugs that are making Natty unusable:

   - frequent hard crash of machine (and consequent corruption of file
   system), seems related to wifi driver connection / disconnection (via switch
   or because of next bug)
   - wifi driver broken -- dropping connection if signal not full strength
   (was working in Maverick; hardware works fine under Windows)

However, I think I followed some wrong Launchpad procedures because the bug
seems to be ignored.

The machine is unusable under Ubuntu. I was going to re-install 10.10 but
it's no longer downloadable. I'm now looking at alternative Linux distros as
this is a disaster -- this is a work machine.

Thanks in advance for any help; apologies if I filed things using the wrong

John Costella  *johncostella.webs.com  john.costella at gmail.com
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