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added caveat on restricted status changes; corrected typo

    * It is most often used for bugs with a release target that will not be fixed in that particular release but may be fixed later
    * It may also be used for feature requests that the developers do not want to implement
+ /!\  the following status changes are restricted to members of [[UbuntuBugControl]] or package maintainers:
+   * moving to Triaged, Fix Released, or WONTFIX
+   * moving ''from'' Fix Released
+   * targeting to a specific Ubuntu release
  === Frequently Asked Questions ===
  ''If you have a question, please feel free to add it here without an answer. A [[BugSquad]] member will add the answer later.''
@@ -64, +70 @@

    * What is the appropriate status if the bug's reporter later says the bug no longer exists but the related changelog does not note a fix?
     * See the first point under "Invalid", the bug does not have sufficient information.
    * What should a triager do if there is consensus ''among users and developers'' that an issue is valid but there is no good solution?
-    * Keep the bug open with a status of "Wishlist" or "Traiged", depending on the severity.
+    * Keep the bug open with a status of "Wishlist" or "Triaged", depending on the severity.
    * Should the bug reporter reset the bug status to "New" if providing more information to an "Incomplete" bug?
     * Yes.
    * When converting a question to a bug, can the bug status immediately be set to "Confirmed" if comments in the question indicate that multiple users experience the bug?

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