Kernel Community Bug Day Tuesday 5 October 2010

Jeremy Foshee jeremy.foshee at
Wed Sep 29 15:53:10 BST 2010

Kernel Community Bug Day Tuesday 5 October 2010

Hi Folks!

    The Kernel Team is pleased to announce our next bug day for Tuesday
the 5th of October.[0] We will be addressing bugs in the New state that
have been incorrectly set to New whether by well-meaning bug reporters
or individuals incorrectly reopening a previously expired bug to the new
status. In some cases the proper state is Triaged or confirmed. We will
be attempting to correct the status mismatches as well as properly
tagging bugs with the appropriate subsystems.[1]

    All triagers are welcome to assist us on this day. Any questions as
to the state of a bug or any general questions can be directed to me in
the #ubuntu-kernel channel on the FreeNode IRC server. You may also find
useful information in the Kernel Wiki. [2]




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