Edu/Ubuntu Collaborative BugDay

Ben Crisford bencrisford at
Wed Mar 31 23:05:38 BST 2010

Hello everyone,

Next week, on Tuesday 6th April, Edubuntu are looking to host a
collaborative bug day between the Edubuntu Bugsquad, and the Ubuntu

The day will be focusing on the educational packages in ubuntu, (i.e. the
ones included in Edubuntu).  A list of these packages, and the bug reports
filed under them can be found at .

There are 300 open bugs there, 262 unassigned, and only 3 in progress!

This urgently needs to get sorted.  Developers cannot be expected to find
bugs that need fixing when there are bugs listed there that haven't been
replied to and were reported in gutsy.

We would very grateful if the Ubuntu bugsquad could take part in this day.
Because these are bugs in ubuntu packages also, and you have over 1000
members on launchpad.  If your team of bug-squashing enthusiasts was a third
the size of what it is, it would still only require each member to triage 1
before everything was sorted out.

The Edubuntu bugsquad on the other hand has only 78 members, and it is hard
to say how many are active.  We could host as many bug days as we want and
still not get this fixed.  But if the Ubuntu bug squad are willing to take
part, then we can have this sorted in no time at all, and the developers can
come in and do their thing.

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