Kernel Bug Day Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Jeremy Foshee jeremy.foshee at
Mon Mar 29 22:04:31 BST 2010

	Tomorrow is the first in a line of regression focused Kernel Bug Days
[1]. I'd like for us to initially target regression-potential tagged
bugs for Lucid. [2] The priorities are as follows:

* Determine if the bug is, in fact, a regression. If not, remove the tag
and do initial bug triage as needed.

* If it is a regression, and the initial triage has been completed with
a corrected status and importance, narrow the possible causes of the
bug. (this can be as simple as kernel update bisect).

* Determine what, if any, patches resolve the bug and submit them to the
kernel-team mail list for review.

I understand we all have quite a bit on our plate at the moment, but I
do appreciate all of your help in the regression bugs. If you do not
feel that you have the kernel 'chops' to correct regression bugs, there
is still a significant place for you in the overall triage of these

See you all in #ubuntu-kernel on FreeNode tomorrow!





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