filing bugs

Bruno Girin brunogirin at
Sun Sep 20 20:38:28 BST 2009

2009/9/20 Caroline Ford < at>:
> Can we reverse this decision to make everyone use apport, at least until it
> works?

Irrespective of whether apport works or not, I think we need to keep a
way to report bugs manually through Launchpad. There are hundreds of
reason why you could be in a situation where you just can't use
apport. For example, if you are in a corporate environment on a
machine that doesn't have access to the Internet, you may want to
report the bug from another machine (which may not be running Ubuntu
at all). Or it may be that a bug only occurs when you are disconnected
from the net.

2009/9/20 Rafik Ouerchefani <rafik at>:
> You can add ?no-redirect to the link =>
> More info about the changes :

Then there should probably be a paragraph about this on so that people who
have no other option than reporting manually can do so.

A feature that could mitigate this would be if apport was able to
export a crash report to a file and Launchpad was able to file a bug
by uploading such a crash report. This way you could save the report
on the machine that shows the bug and upload it later or from a
different machine.


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