FindRightPackage improvements

David Tombs cyan.spam at
Thu Sep 17 18:51:56 BST 2009

Hello fellow bug squad members,

I think the idea of changing bug reporting to only come via apport is a 
great idea. It is essential, however, that instructions for using apport 
are clear--and not only to technical users. I personally feel that our 
documentation is not clear at all, and would probably result in the vast 
majority of users giving up or assigning a random, incorrect package if 
forced to do so.

The biggest problem to me seems to be 
<>. The page is pretty 
disorganized (with general instructions and lists of specific packages 
interspersed) and inconsistent in the technical level of the language. 
For example, "If you encounter a bug when booting the Live CD..." is 
pretty clear, but "Most distribution upgrades are performed with the 
package update-manager." is not so much (what is a distribution upgrade? 
FC -> Ubuntu? ;) )

So, I think some effort at streamlining the page, especially thinking 
through steps as though one has just started using Ubuntu, is in order. 
Specifically, categorizing the page into general instructions v. 
"scenarios" and toning down some of the Ubuntu lingo and technical 
language would be most helpful. Though I don't have much time to spare, 
I'd be glad to rewrite some parts of it I'm not sure what the policy is 
for that, however.

What do you all think?

David Tombs

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