Patch Statuses in Launchpad (re-visited)

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Wed May 28 08:39:30 BST 2008

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Reinhard Tartler schrieb:
> Moreover we need to make sure that such bugs have the assignee field set
> properly because of two reasons:
>   - bugs set to "Incomplete" are subject to expiration
>   - we need to make clear who needs to act next on the bug. In that case
>     we want the patch submitter to work on the patch, not the reporter.

We could make it "In Progress" and assign to the patch submitter.
Unfortunately searching for "any assignee, but not 'nobody'" does not
work in Launchpad Bugs. If only offers "Nobody", "Doesn't matter" and an
explicit assignee.

Which other possibility do we have?

> This does only work if:
>  - upstream uses a bugtracker at all
>  - the bugtracker is supported by launchpad
>  - the bugtracker registered with launchpad properly

In those cases you can still use an empty upstream task to mark the bug
as "this affects upstream" - of course you need to check manually if it
was accepted upstream.

The Launchpad query for that would be
which lists bugs
 - with empty upstream task (this affects upstream)
 - with solutions that were forwarded upstream
 - with solutions that were accepted upstream

> I'd be interested to know how many bugs with patches are affected by
> these problems though.

Hm? Ask Sébastien how often he asks patch submitters to get their stuff
upstream first because the patches are just too big to carry them as a

I think this is pretty common if you don't deal with "./debian/-only

> I think we need to investigate these 40k bugs in more detail. I hope we
> can classify them more, so it become easier to batch process them. 

Sure, both needs to happen - we should definitely try not to lose
information though.

> I
> furthermore think this is a discussion that should definitly happen
> within the ubuntu developer community, and not solely on the bugsquad
> list.

I sent the mail to ubuntu-devel@ separately because I messed up the
sender address. Sorry for that - still the proposal went to the devel
mailing list.

Have a nice day,

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