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Henrik Nilsen Omma henrik at
Thu Mar 27 11:00:39 GMT 2008

Sense Hofstede wrote:
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> In order to improve the bug reports forwarded upstream I think it would
> be a good idea to mail all upstream projects to ask what they'd like to
> have included in bug reports. E.g. what error logs and commands and
> other information. But also things we should watch. We could bundle this
> in one wiki page, maybe a new version of
> I'm willing to lead this project if I'm allowed too. ;)
> I think that if we can improve the reporting upstream things will get
> fixed a lot faster and better, so I think this project could really
> improve Ubuntu a lot.
Hi Sense,

I agree this work is very much needed. In order to make out bug reports 
more useful to upstream they need to a) be of generally good quality, 
including all relevant information, and b) we need to have an 
understanding of how the upstream bug trackers and workflow around bugs 

I've started on a set of tutorial pages for upstream bug trackers that 
will make it easier for our triage teams to file good bugs upstream. 
These pages still need lots of work, and should include details not just 
on the bug trackers but also on the general culture around bugs in the 
upstream project. Please help flesh these out!

We have invited a few upstream bugmasters to FOSSCamp in Prague and hope 
to have a good exchange of ideas there.

One example of where upstream involvement on bugs worked really well was 
the Amarok bug day, which led the Amarok folks to do a second bug day in 
the upstream tracker. We should 
figure out how to expand this to other projects too.

Sense, thanks for stepping up to start this work :)


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