script for mass-editing duplicates

Kjell Braden fnord at
Wed Mar 26 21:26:14 GMT 2008


some weeks ago Brian and I had a talk about mass-moving duplicates, e.g.
when apport is wrong multiple times and you get lots of false positives,
and he recommended to write a script using python-lp-bugs for that.

I've attached the result, as I think it might be somewhat useful for the

It's working like this:
$ ./move-duplicates -m 1 123 456 789
...marks bug 123, bug 456, bug 789 and their duplicates and their
duplicates as duplicate of bug 1, regardless of their former masterbugs.

If you want to move the former masterbugs and other duplicates of them
too, use:
$ ./move-duplicates --also-move-masterbugs -m 1 123 456 789

I hope it'll be useful, feel free to ask questions, make suggestions or
report bugs :)

(duh, forgot one thing: you will need to adjust the cookies variable in
the script to match your authentication file)

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