Bitesize bugs for new developpers? Resources?

Mathieu Avoine avoinemt at
Wed Feb 14 14:59:23 GMT 2007

Hi everyone,

Is anyone aware if there are people volunteering to support people who are
already programmers but are unfamiliar with Linux and are willing to help?
Like the bugs which are marked as "bitesize" could be used as "training" if
someone (like a mentor) could help people (like me!) who want to help but
don't know where to start.

I tried a while ago to start working on projects but the resources are all
scattered and I found that generally in the community it's very much a
"chacun pour soi" kind of attitude which often deters the efforts of
would-be programmers who could eventually bring something bigger to the
community... To make a story short, I just stopped trying. I believe there
must many people who follow the same path I did, and it's a waste. If there
would be a clear, helpful entry point for new developpers, the community
would grow bigger, faster. I guess some people may see the breaking point of
actually being able to do something as the "acceptance test" but I don't
think that helps the cause of open source very much.

Thanks for you input


On 2/14/07, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at> wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> we just had a MOTU meeting and were assembling our TODO list. For those
> who don't know yet: the MOTUs have lots of volunteers and lots of people
> joining in, some of them uncertain where to start in Ubuntu's Universe.
> I'd like us all to make an effort to tag Universe and Multiverse bugs
> (others maybe too) as:
> 'packaging' if you think that the bug lies only in the packaging.
> 'bitesize' if you think that it's suitable for a beginner.
> If you can think of tags that'd help with that, follow up to the list
> and let us know.
> References:
>       * Universe/Multiverse bugs:
>       *
> Thanks a lot, have a nice day,
> Daniel
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