Bughelper Report 1

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 6 18:52:18 GMT 2007

Hello everybody,

here a quick summary of what happened since we split the bugsquad and
bughelper lists (roughly a week).

      * Documentation and bughelper-data commits don't need a review

      * [Bug 79151] support global clues  --  we now support global
        clues, which means that totem can inherit clues from xine. Use
        the '-v<inheritance level>' option
      * bughelper reads a config file in ~/.bughelper/config
      * Alex Muntada <ubuntu at alexm.org> contributed manpages for bugxml
        and bughelper. The package will contain them.
      * You can 'try' clues before you write them in a clue file. Use
        '-t <package> <condition that has to be met> <information you
        want to display>' to do this, use '-T' instead of '-t' to only
        try the new clue.
      * [Bug 79157] RFE: support local clue files  --  bughelper now
        respects a second directory, which you can configure in
        ~/.bughelper/config - you can put additional clue files there.
      * [Bug 81370] bughelper should show status and importance  --
        thanks for implementing this Fernado Ribeiro
        <fernando at staff.nerdgroup.org>.
      * [Bug 79142] RFE: Read and write text files with bug numbers  --
        Andrew Ash <ash211 at gmail.com> contributed a patch that accepts
        --format=wiki or --format=html to display found bugs in a
        different format.
      * Some changes for Martin Pitt, so apport can download attachments
        from everywhere soon.
      * Lots of packaging changes, so we can get it into the archive
      * XML is now quoted every time.
      * sanitizing changes to the parsed HTML.
      * [Bug 79148] RFE: Make bughelper case-insensitive by default  --
        thanks Fernando Ribeiro <fernando at staff.nerdgroup.org>
      * clue files are now 'versioned' to indicate breakage (if we
        should every introduce some).
      * [Bug 82883] unclear bug.info for bugs with several source
        packages  --  thanks Markus Korn <thekorn at web.de> for fixing
      * Respect <dontlist> in clue files and don't list obvious dupes.
      * --filter out certain bugs.
      * split into bughelper-data and bughelper.

Ways to get involved:
      * Fix, discuss, report bugs: https://launchpad.net/bughelper/+bugs
      * Help fix 0.1 items:
      * Write clue files:

      * 66 commits
      * 23 bugs fixed
      * 24 clues

Join the Bughelper crew today.

Have a nice day,

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