DebuggingMouseDection, DebuggingTouchpadDetection and DebuggingKeyboardDetection

Pascal De Vuyst pascal.devuyst at
Fri Aug 10 17:01:08 BST 2007


While doing some bug triage for mouse related problems in Ubuntu I saw that
most bugs did not provide much usefull information to debug the problem.
Most of these bugs can be categorized as either a non working mouse, a mouse
that stops working or some buttons/scrollwheels that don't work.

I decided to write a debugging procedure for mouse detection [1]. Since
touchpads and keyboards could be categorized into the same bug categories I
decided to write a debugging procedure for touchpads [2] and keyboards [3]

Since pointing devices and keyboards are pretty critical devices for users I
hope these procedures can assist in tackling some nasty kernel and X bugs.
My idea is that a bug reporter should assign these kind of bugs to either
xserver-xorg-input-mouse, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics or
xserver-xorg-input-keyboard and a bug triager can then decide if the problem
really is in these packages, in the kernel or in another package.

I'm open to suggestions that could improve these debugging procedures. If
you have some experience in debugging these kind of devices and you think
there are some bug categories or steps missing please let me know.

I have a few questions:
Should these debugging procedures be added to DebuggingProcedures [4]?
Should we remove the "Howto Debug Keyboard Issues" section from
DebuggingXAutoconfiguration [5]? Why is this section listed twice in that
Should we make the DebuggingXAutoconfiguration dedicated to video detection
and perhaps rename it into something like DebuggingVideoDetection?


Thanks in advance,
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