Hug Day - 8 Aug 2007

Brian Murray brian at
Tue Aug 7 16:54:30 BST 2007

On Tue, Aug 07, 2007 at 09:58:14AM +0200, Madjid AOUDIA wrote:
> Hi ! I am  new here.
> Can somebody tell me what a hug day is ?

A Hug Day is where we collectively work on making bug reports more
complete, triaging and even fixing them.  It is called Hug Day because
every bug worked on is worth a hug!  There will also be people available
in #ubuntu-bugs who can answer any questions you might have.  
Subsequently, it is a great time to get started triaging bugs and 
helping to make Ubuntu better.

> Oh and how can i start working on bugs ? The latest item on the list i
> can see right now is a month old ...

There are so many ways to get started working on bugs that this is a
tough question to answer.  You could help by working with reporters to
make bug reports more complete and useful for developers.  You could
reproduce problems described in bug reports and ensure the steps to
reproduce the bug are clear and well described.  You could test stable
release (from Dapper, Edgy or Feisty) bug reports in the latest
development release (Gutsy) to see if they are still an issue. What are 
you interested in doing?

Which list are you talking about when you say it is a month old?

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