Gutsy kernel bug 129266

Brian Murray brian at
Tue Aug 7 22:59:25 BST 2007

I wanted to let all of you know about a kernel bug that I recently ran
across because we may end up seeing duplicates.  I have also added this
information to the BugSquad homepage and invite you to add other high
profile bug reports to the News section also.

Bug 129266[0] deals with a kernel Oops when resuming from suspend or
hibernate and from what we can determine it only affects people with
dual core CPUs.  The fix has been committed to the kernel tree and will
make it in the next version of the kernel.  When looking for duplicates 
you will want to look for kernel Oops reports, identifiable by the string 
"Oops:" in dmesg or '/var/log/messages', and then compare the "Call
Trace:" portion of the Oops report to bug 129266.


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