People told to submit bugs on packages we don't ship

Caroline Ford at
Sat Oct 21 22:56:46 BST 2006

If something crashes the user is told to submit a bug and told to attach
a file from var/crash. We are getting bug reports for packages from
third party repositories that the end users have been told automatically
to submit to us. 

I've had two bugs today relating to gnash which is apparently being
installed by automatix. It's alpha software and naturally crashes. It
doesn't exist in our repositories and we can't deal with bugs in it. 

This is mainly a bug with automatix for installing alpha software on the
machines of users who are presumably less able/experienced, but this
also affects us as we get all the bug reports. 

I suspect this will be an increasing problem - is there a way of getting
people to send their bug reports to instead? 

If anything this is a heads up to expect gnash bugs from newbies who may
not know they've even installed it.


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