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> Hi,
> Can some of you (who have privileges to do so) try to classify confirmed
> but "undecided" bugs according to their importance? if this is not a
> developer-specific task?

That is something we all try to do whenever we can. I would think any help
on this front would be welcome, as long as the quality is maintained and the
privilege is not misused or abused. The admins of the ubuntu-qa team should
be able to explain better if you ask them at the IRC channel #ubuntu-bugs.

Personally, if I have nothing important to say regarding a bug, I leave the
importance unchanged.  I have set the importance for some bugs when adding a
comment or feedback etc. The reason I resist the urge to go on an
importance-changing spree is because I don't want to generate huge volumes
of email just for this. Again, I may be wrong in thinking thus. lists the meaning of the various
terms used, which you might already know.
Member of the Ubuntu QA team in launchpad, can change the importance of bugs.
You are welcome to apply, and Daniel (dholbach) or Simon (sfllaw) will then
decide whether to approve the application.

I encounter several rather weird and important bugs which still are
> confirmed but undecided. this would help the bug fixing bf the Edgy
> release? what you think?
> thanks :)
> PS. example:
> PSS. I (who don't have privilege, nor the experience required to have
> the privilege) would go after kernel related crashes (system hangs etc),
> hardware bugs (hardware don't work), and software crashes. and maybe the
> usability weirdnesses like the one above :)

Not all hardware-related bugs are  "critical". Yes, if all PS/2 mice stop
working, then it is critical, but the  "importance" field is used by some
developers to prioritize their own work. Erring on the side of caution (not
changing the importance too much or too frequently) might be better :) The
"whether the devs should be the only folks who decide importance" question
is still open and the jury is out.

Looks like you are doing a lot of bug triaging lately. Thanks a LOT! Good


PSSS. here is the link to those bugs:
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