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The end of the year typically  entails some  last-minute Christmas shopping, finalizing plans to  see family and friends, and — if you're marketers like us  — prepping for next year's campaigns.  It also means we get  to enjoy some of the most heartwarming and humorous marketing efforts  we'll see all year.
>From  commercials, to interactive websites, to  social media contests, there's  always a fair share of top-notch marketing going on  in November and  December — and  this year proved  as much.<br><br>Check our  free holiday marketing guide here to learn about the trends shaping  this 2017 holiday season.<br><br>Check out some of this season's memorable and unique  campaigns from both sizable  brands and small ones that epitomize how  to do holiday marketing right.

8 Great Holiday Marketing Campaigns of 2017
<br>1)  23 Secrets  To Booking Cheap Flights (Flight Coupons, Promo Codes & Deals - Dec  2017) - Business  Insider.<br>Best Deal 55% Off:  Christmas Flight Deals  and New Year Flight Deals.
Primary. You can reach us through this number  <span style="font-weight: bold; font-size:125%;" href="tel:+1 888-369-2751">+1 888-369-2751</span>. <br><br>Enjoy Christmas Deals on American  Airlines, Delta  Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United  Airlines, Air  Canada, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, WestJet, Aeromexico, Spirit Airlines, Frontier  Airlines, Volaris, Hawaiian Airlines, Allegiant Air, Virgin America.
Don't Miss  These Handpicked Fares<br>
<table  width="350px"><tbody><tr><td  width="40%">Chicago</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">New York</td><td width="10%">$175.19</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">Los Angeles</td><td width="10%">-</td><td  width="40%">San  Francisco</td><td width="10%">$103.83</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">Los Angeles</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">New York</td><td width="10%">$175.41</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">Chicago</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Los Angeles</td><td  width="10%">$325.67</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">Miami</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">New York</td><td width="10%">$96.44</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">Atlanta</td><td  width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Chicago</td><td width="10%">$100.53</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">Boston</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Miami</td><td width"10%">$189.71</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">New York City</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Kingston</td><td width"10%">$461.08</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">Los Angeles</td><td  width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Manila</td><td width"10%">$654.32</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">San Francisco</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Tokyo</td><td width"10%">$690.01</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">New York City</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Casablanca</td><td  width"10%">$825.46</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">Chicago</td><td width="10%">-</td><td  width="40%">Minneapolis</td><td  width"10%">$95.87</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">Atlanta</td><td width="10%">-</td><td  width="40%">Orlando</td><td  width"10%">$90.00</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">Chicago</td><td width="10%">-</td><td  width="40%">Washington DC</td><td width"10%">$195.10</td></tr><tr><td width="40%">New York City</td><td width="10%">-</td><td width="40%">Toronto</td><td width"10%">$119.86</td></tr><tr><td  width="40%">New  York  City</td><td  width="10%">-</td><td  width="40%">London</td><td  width"10%">$399.66</td></tr></tbody></table>
During Christmas,  Every  airline is  offering wonderful  discounts on  airfare tickets. So, have a chance  from work deadlines  and  family responsibilities, and  plan a trip to  rejuvenate yourself. Perhaps  you  did not get chance to consider holidays  last summer season. You will want to go now and experience different  civilizations? Explore Disney  World, meet tigers  in Thailand,  journey over NY in a helicopter, catch a Brazilian sports match, dive with sharks in  Cape Town or discover the many magic  of Asia  and the Pacific,  there's much to see and experience. Remember that things can be lost, discarded or replaced but  irrespective of where your  daily  life  may lead, your travel experience will always be yours. So spend  not a  instant, avail the fantastic deals and take flight to  your favorite destination.<br><br>Searching  for cheap flights  is  something we've all done sooner or later. For some  people, it's part of the routine that  switches into booking a vacation.  For  others,  it's a  great way  to  book a spontaneous but affordable impromptu getaway.<br><br>Our  phone: <span style="font-weight: bold;  font-size:125%;" href="tel:+1 888-369-2751">+1 888-369-2751</span>. (24/7  Support.)
<br>2) The Santa  Brand Book
"Santa is a Concept, not an idea. It's an  Emotion, not a  feeling. It's  both Yesterday and Today. It's Tomorrow as well." That's how  this ingenious brand  book  from  communications consulting firm Quietroom begins. And believe me when I say  the rest of  it  is just as  kooky  and wonderfully  facetious.
Case in  point:  Take  a look  below at this "brand house"  that details the core components  of Old Saint Nick's brand strategy. I ... I can't even.
<br>3) Apple Holiday Commercial</b>
Oh, Apple — how  you've done it again. Say  what you will about the tech giant, but hot damn, do they know how to churn out one wonderful ad after  another.
The streak stays alive  with  this  touching  spot that, once again, shows the company's a  step  ahead of  the  competition when it comes  to  showing  the usefulness of its  products  and adding in that human element that draws people in.
(The use of Cat Power's  rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" certainly bolsters that personal touch Apple is so well-known for adding  to its commercials.)
<br>4) Coke  Zero Sweater Generator</b>
Interactive sites are becoming more popular each and every day, and thus, it's  no surprise that  some well-known brands are  jumping  on board with  the marketing concept. Take  Coca-Cola  for instance.
With this Sweater Generator, it's  clear the  soda-maker certainly gets that holiday marketing doesn't need to focus on  its product and should be warm,  inviting, and personable.
<br>5) Netflix "Fireplace for Your  Home" Trailer
Think  of where  Netflix  was  just a couple years ago, when it announced  its ill-fated plans for a second service called Qwikster (which  led to substantial  backlash and some  poor PR). Today, though, it's a whole different story.
In addition to awesome original programming (if you're not watching  House of Cards, you should be), it's nailing every aspect of its marketing. Want proof? Look no further  than the  fake  trailer below.<br>
<br>6) Topshop Pinterest Contest
Conducting a social  media contest is  a premier way to draw visitors to  your accounts  on Facebook and Pinterest. One company that seems to  have hit  the mark with  its own  contest is the  clothing retailer Topshop.
With a  contest like the one the company  created around its #DearTopshop hashtag, in which users can win various prizes by  pinning Topshop items to their boards, brands  can  secure not  only hefty amounts of traffic  to their social sites, but also garner loyal followers and  even customers.<br>
<br>7) John Lewis Christmas Advertisement
Another sentimental promo  in the vein of Apple's aforementioned ad comes from  John  Lewis and harkens back  to the days  of the old-school, animated  Christmas  specials (A  Charlie  Brown Christmas, The Velveteen Rabbit, etc.).
The retailer certainly  worked some magic with  this spot,  which has  generated some  considerable (and warranted) buzz. And once again, here's another promo  using music to perfection —  this  time, it's Lily Allen with a lighter version of Keane's  "Somewhere  Only  We Know." Well done, John Lewis marketers.  Well  done.<br>
<br>8)  Uncommon Goods
Though  not  as "sexy"  as minute-long commercials,  interactive  sites, or social contests, good-ol' email  marketing is  still a more-than-viable option for marketers around the holidays. Uncommon Goods understood this,  as evidenced by this appealing  email below (which  actually displays  as an  animated GIF  in  your inbox).
It's not  only clear and  concise in its  promotional copy, but the brand also effectively  relays the benefits of shopping with  the company with its "urgency" angle: 'We offer  quick shipping, just in  time for the 25th.' Plus,  the animated  GIF shows you when you can place your order to receive your  gifts in time for Christmas.

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