[Bug 211252] Re: Cannot receive files using bluetooth

Toni Ruottu toni.ruottu at iki.fi
Fri May 1 12:39:57 BST 2009

With Jaunty I am able to send files to pc from my Nokia N70 mobile
phone, iff I 1) am running gnome-obex-server, or 2) have gnome-user-
share configured to receive bluetooth files.

regarding gnome-obex-server: Are users supposed to know they need to
install this? Are they also supposed to understand they have to start it
from a menu everytime they want to receive files?

regarding gnome-user-share: Are users supposed to know they need to
install this? After they have installed it, are they supposed to
understand that they have to go to System -> Preferences -> Personal
File Sharing to turn the bluetooth receiving on? After it is enabled, it
does not immediately work because first bluetooth transfer starts the
service, but it does not get up in time to answer to receive the file.
When the user gets this error is he supposed to understand he should
retry? Once the file transfer succeeds an ugly looking icon remains in
the notification-area, and there is no way to interact with that icon,
and even more importantly you simply cannot get rid of the icon, no
matter what you do.

In previous Ubuntu releases I understood that the actual bluetooth
application that sits in my notification area should have been able to
handle all this. The only problem was it didn't work. No the thing might
have gone worse. We have a working solution that is really hard to

Cannot receive files using bluetooth
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