[Bug 343727] Re: [Jaunty] Cannot connect to a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000

Lionel VICTOR lionel.victor at free.fr
Fri May 1 13:16:23 BST 2009


The hidd --search fix do NOT work (though it did in Intrepid).

Here is my setup:
- apple aluminium keyboard
- logitech Bluetooth Travel Mouse

usb bluetooth dongle:
- Bus 006 Device 002: ID 0db0:6970 Micro Star International Bluetooth adapter

I'm running a fresh insall of Jaunty kubuntu. The same hardware was
working with Intrepid (with the hidd --search trick)

The problem(s):
- Pairing the mouse with the kbluetooth applet works great (it reconnects automatically etc...)
- The Keyboard pairing works (but is odd) ... I use the GUI, then I must FIRST enter some code on the keyboard +hit enter and ONLY THEN, the password windows opens in KDE and let me confirmed what I typed... Pairing works... but if i disconnect the keyboard, then it won't reconnect and I must pair again !

the hidd -- search trick did not work and using bluez-compat seems not
appropriate as it was already deprecated in Intrepid (but at least it
worked) !

The question(s)
- Can anyone indicate the command line to pair a device ? I was not able to pair even my mouse with the command line and I must use the GUI because "hcitool auth" asks for a password but that was not required with the GUI ???
- How can I force a device to be trusted from the command line? Once the keyb is connected I would like to make sure that the auth process will not be called again because I trust it and because auth just won't behave so the less I see it the better !

I don't know if it helps bu I noticed that the keyboard is MASTER and
the mouse is only SLAVE ??? don't know what difference it makes (below
00:1F:5B:FA:23:B7 is the keyb)

root at winny:/etc/bluetooth# hcitool con
        > ACL 00:07:61:81:25:44 handle 44 state 1 lm SLAVE
        < ACL 00:1F:5B:FA:23:B7 handle 41 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT
root at winny:/etc/bluetooth# hcitool name 00:1F:5B:FA:23:B7
Apple Wireless Keyboard

Thanx for your help and comments... again, the very same setup used to work in Intrepid and I don't see any argument to avoid considering this BUG as a regression ! (sorry but it must be said)
And bluetooth is not some dark strange protocol out of nowhere, so supporting it would be nice too :o) ! its been broken (bluez-compat) for a year in ubuntu !

[Jaunty] Cannot connect to a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
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